• David M. Strothers Jr. attacked a woman and her father.
  • The female victim had major injuries on her neck as well as her head and was treated for brain hemorrhage.
  • Williamsport Bureau of Police Officer T. Bortz said that he ran away from the location after assaulting the victims.
  • The authorities charged David M. Strothers Jr. for multiple misdemeanor counts.

Inside Story

A woman was assaulted by a Williamsport man while her father was trying to protect her. Lycoming County Court reports said that the woman was taken to the hospital to get treated for a possible brain hemorrhage.

The event happened on July 23, around 11 pm in the 600 block of Maple Street. Williamsport Bureau of Police Officer T. Bortz stated David M. Strothers Jr., assaulted a lady and her father.

However, the officers did not release the female victim’s name or age. Sources say that the woman was busy video chatting with another woman on her laptop before the incident.

Officer Bortz said the Williamsport man approached the victim and punched her on the right side of her face intentionally with his left fist. Then he continued to assault her by continuously punching her at the head.

Investigation Report

The man fled from the scene after knowingly harming the female victim. The court accused the man of assaulting the lady intentionally and breaking her laptop in half.

Bortz continued that the victim somehow ended up on the street and asked for help. The victim’s dad ran out of the house and saw the man on top of his daughter and punched her on the head.

Court records reveal that the victim’s father rushed to his daughter and helped her to get up and tried to protect her.

However, the woman’s father was thrown to the ground, and Strothers punched him 4-5 times. As per the criminal complaint, when the man’s wife arrived at the location, the defendant fled the scene.

Later on, the female victim was taken to the UPMC Susquehanna immediately and admitted to the emergency room.

Bortz also writes that the woman needed emergency medical treatment. She had severe wounds on her neck, head, and also brain hemorrhage and/or concussion.


David M. Strothers Jr. was indicted with one misdemeanor count of reckless endangerment, one misdemeanor count of criminal attempt – reckless endangerment, as well as two misdemeanor counts of simple assault.

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