The Umbrella Academy Season 2

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Review: Post-Apocalyptic Doomsday VS Dysfunctional Superhero Siblings

On 31st July, Netflix dropped the 10-episodic second season of the extraordinarily striking superhero series, The Umbrella Academy. Let’s figure out whether the dysfunctional superhero siblings were unable to avert the apocalypse and save the world or not. 


The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Recap 

In the first season of this superhero series, we witnessed how an eccentric millionaire, Mr. Hargreeves adopted 7 extraordinarily borne children to raise them as a superhero team namely known as The Umbrella Academy. 

Despite the efforts or we say, due to the indecent approaches to raise the children, Mr. Hargreeves end up creating a dysfunctional family of superheroes. After one of the superhero siblings died, the team eventually fell apart until they all were forced to meet on the death of their namesake father amidst the return of their long-lost brother. The long-lost brother namely known as Number Five or the Boy was returned from the future to save his family from an Apocalypse that is supposed to end the world in the following few days. 

As the series progresses, we witness the divergent personalities as well as abilities of the superhero siblings, and how their lives have been complicated because of the way their namesake father has been treating them.


Throughout the entire season, we witnessed how number five tries to find out who will cause the apocalypse so that he can stop the end of the world. Until the very end, none of the siblings work together to solve this mystery. Whereas from the very beginning number five meanwhile fighting with the commission (an organization that is responsible to preserve & maintain the timeline), tries the best to find out who will cause the end of the world.

The worst of the concealed truths came out when the siblings found out that one of their own who was never supposed to possess powers is in actual most powerful than all of them and is the reason behind such an untimely end of the world.

By the end of season 1, we witnessed that Vanya, the number 7 on finding out how she has been drugged to dampen her powers by her father and disbanded by the rest of the team for being an ordinary person, lashes out her anger causing Apocalypse. However, in the meantime, number five was able to time-travel along with the rest of the team including unconscious Vanya. 

So, this is how The Umbrella Academy Season 1 ended leaving us in the hope to witness the team back in their past in the following season.

Now, let’s find out what actually happens after the siblings time-traveled meanwhile rest of the world (in 2019) burned out.


The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Review 

It’s been a day since Netflix has premiered the most-awaited second season of The Umbrella Academy.

In the second season, we witness that  Five succeeded in saving his family by traveling back to a time with them but the world ended in the present time. 

The second season progresses with all of the siblings ending up in different years: 1960 to 1963. 

Ending up in different time periods, the siblings embark new journeys in their lives: Luther became a paid fighter and hired bodyguard, Allison gets married and starts a movement for the rights of the blacks, Diego ends up in a mental asylum meanwhile trying to prevent the future assassination of the President, Klaus with the help of Ben’s ghost becomes the head of a cult organization and lastly, Vanya ends up working at a farm after losing her memories except for her name. 

Five learns that they have brought the end of the world with them to 1963. So, he begins to find all of the siblings so that they can prevent Nuclear War that is just 10 days away.


After plenty of turns and twists (with the most unexpected ones), Five was able to reunite the siblings but there comes a totally unexpected problem: Mr. Hargreeves, their long-ago died father is alive in 1963 whom Diego suspects to be behind the murder of the president. 

Amidst all the president killing drama, it was revealed that Mr. Hargreeves is an extraterrestrial creature but the team is still unaware of this horrifying fact.

All of the siblings try to seek Mr.Hargreeve’s help who at that point in time doesn’t know who all of them are. Indeed, such a futile attempt cost the siblings way more than anything else at the end. 

Meanwhile, Five attempts to prevent the doomsday and find a way back to 2019, Diego due to the courtesy of his new girlfriend who’s in actual the adopted daughter of the Handler (the villain and former head of the commission), finds out that Vanya is the who once again will bring death upon them. 


However, thanks to Ben who communicates with Vanya and brings her back to normal; preventing her from causing an explosion that was supposed to lead to the imitation of a Nuclear War.

On one hand, the family whom Vanya lives with and on the other hand, Diego’s girlfriend, Lila has been occupied with interesting yet unexpected parts to play in the series. 

Until that moment, everything was supposed to be under control but we knew that something else gonna cause an eruption and that is none else than the child who Vanya saved from drowning and Lila, Handler’s adopted daughter and a pawn in the entire game. 

Vanya in the attempt to save Harlan from dying ends up transmitting some of her powers into him. On the other hand, Handler succeded in turning Lila against Five upon the half-truth revelation concerning her parents’ murder. 


The Umbrella Academy Ending Explained

Well, Vanya somehow succeeded in averting the threat by fetching back the powers from Harlan. 

On the other hand, by the end of The Umbrella Academy, we witnessed that Handler’s pawn comes out to be one of the superhero siblings. Yes, Lila turns out to be one of those children who were miraculously borne on the same night. Five tries to talk some sense into her that it was all Handler’s plan and her in actual placed her parents’ kill orders.

Although Vanya wiped out Handler’s army,  Handler shot them all but five by apprehending what his father said to him went a few seconds back in time and save them all from being killed by Handler. 

Meanwhile, Handler was shot dead by one of the commission’s hired assassins, and Lila escaped with the briefcase. 

Leaving everything back to normal in 1963, The Umbrella Academy returns back to where they belong only to find out that they have been replaced by The Sparrow Academy. 


Due to the implications of the team’s interference with time (telling Hargreeves about the future) cause them pay such penalty. Instead of adopting Luther, Allison, Diego, Klaus and Five, Hargreeves adopts 7 other superhero children borne at the very same night, one of whom is none other than Ben (alive and unfamiliar of his siblings). 

It won’t be wrong to say that Hargreeves found all of the siblings good for nothing and thus, choose to adopt the other 7 children but not them.


What to Expect From The Umbrella Academy Season 3?

Now, in The Umbrella Academy Season 3, we will witness how the dysfunctional siblings will be able to restore the previous timeline without causing another Apocalypse. 

Let’s see whether they opt to restore what they have lost or try to fit in the newly established timeline where they don’t belong anymore. 

It would be quite interesting to see Mr. Hargreeves and Ben alive in the present time but it may not prove to be good for the siblings. On the other hand, Lila, who posses the ability to copy others’ powers will surely return to spice up the lives of The Umbrella and Sparrow Academy. 

Lastly, not to forget about the Commission, let’s see what it beholds for both of the superhero teams.


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