• A 39 years old guy was shot in the neck.
  • The officials declared Anthony Lash Jackson dead on the sight.
  • He was walking 7900 block of South Chicago Avenue around 3:10 am where a suspicious man came and fatally shot him.
  • The suspect is still hiding from the authorities.
  • Area two detectives are still investigating the ongoing shooting case.

Inside Story

South Chicago news reports that a 39 years old man was fatally shot in the neck. Sources reveal that the wound looked pretty bad. Later on, local authorities found the name of the victim, which is Anthony Lash Jackson.

Unfortunately, he was dead at the scene when the cops arrived at the location. The incident occurred in South Chicago on September 20, 2020. However, the exact time of the murder case is not known. The authorities still don’t know why he was killed on Sunday morning, because no robbery was involved.

Some sources reveal that Anthony Lash Jackson was strolling around 3:10 in the early morning in the 7900 block of South Chicago Avenue. Nothing seemed suspicious in that area, but suddenly a male suspect shot the 39 years old in the neck.

Chicago police department said that the victim was unresponsive and was not breathing. Later on, the 39 years old was declared dead on the scene.

Investigation Report

When his dead body was taken to the hospital, Cook County medical examiner’s office identified the corpse of the man, who was the resident of East Chicago, Indiana. The police have not taken anybody in custody yet. Besides, they are still trying to find leads that can help them to find the shooter. Sources reveal that Area Two detectives are investigating the case.


The shooter could have killed him either for personal vendetta or had any intention to rob him. Cops are trying to know more about the victim’s personal life to catch the suspect.

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