•  A shooting took place at the party.
  • Two boys who were 19-years old got murdered.


Two 19-years-old boys were slaughtered and additional 14 were wounded during the firing earlier on Saturday at a party in Rochester, New York.

On Saturday Policeman Frank Umbrino stated that three or four people had flashed around 40 rounds, about at 12.30 am.

The policeman declared in the discussion that there were two sufferers who were present at the party accompanied by a bunch of their friends & sadly, they were annihilated as three or four perpetrators decided to fire at the people attending the party with the gun which they were carrying along with them.

Officials stated that two 19 years old Jaquayla young & Jarvis Alexander who lost their lives, were not supposed to be the organized victim.  The 14 additional people who got wounded by gunfire were between the age of 17 to 23. However, they did not suffer any serious injuries.

Rochester party shooting leaves 2 19-year-olds dead

 It is sad to see innocents to suffer through such a tragic incident. It must be very tough for their families to bear. People are already suffering from the global pandemic.


Rochester’s police officials stated that it is a tragic event of an epic amount. And continued that people are going through so much already and these 16 sufferers have to deal with this awful happening, just because few people decide to perpetrate in violently is very sad and unfortunate. Prude died in March, however, the information on the cause of his death has recently been discovered.

Rochester’s police guidelines had been issued against public gatherings and had informed not to gather in-crowd in order to avoid transmission of the Coronavirus.

Umbrino stated that the shooting of gunfire took place following the fusing of many parties at the place where the mishappening occurred.

It was an illegal and unsanctioned party said the acting chief of the police who just took over this job. The policeman said that there were no suspects in the custody.


It is a very unfortunate accident and so sad to see innocents getting killed. We hope that justice is brought to the victims and their families. And we wish that such an accident does not occur in future.

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