There is one last weekend remain in September. And that means its very less time for films to make their spots on Netflix. And today’s Top 10 high standing have trembled things up, as none of these movies were even present on Netflix a few weeks ago.

And in contrast to last months, September has been especially slow for the streaming platform, as no movies have run huge with the top 10 rankings monthly. In current years, movies like Project power and Th Old Guard and 365 days controlled without much competition.

But this days, it’s even someone’s game. This makes September Top 10 an interesting list to watch. As The Devil All the Time and The Smurfs 2 top today’s high standing, we see that there is still enough time and place for them to make a complete for that #1 mark.

10.The Boss Baby: Get That Baby! 45 points

It was another somewhat successful ruse by Netflix to occupy the “interactive movie’ experience thats available.

9. Cuties: 50 points

Most controversial film of Netflix debuted on the Daily Top 10 on and hasn’t left since.

8. Puss In Boss: 52 points

Like all animated movies on Netflix, Puss in Boots looks destined for a long, steady ru on the top 10.

7. #Alive: 66 points

It was lucky enough to reach the #1 mark on the daily Top 10 back on September 9.

6. Pets  United: 71 points

Pets United wasted no time fastlly raising up the rankings.

5. The Babysitter Killer Queen: 72 points

This series, the Killer Queen moreover, to the series enjoyed two days in first place on the Daily Top 10 and two days at second and three more days in another place.

4. The Social Dilemma: 75 points

The social Dilemma has yet to see a first place complete on the Daily Top 10, the documentary on social media did spend three days in the #2 mark and #3 position for some more days.

3. Due Date: 84 points

The movie appeared in the month earlier in the fourth place location, which was soon followed by three days in second place.

2. The SMurfs: 94 points

For many weeks, the movie was easily can be on the month.

  1. Love, Guaranteed: 95 points

The movie surely stick to #1 position this week.

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