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In the wake of striking technological advancements, it’s a cinch to keep tabs on the money that you earn, save, and spend. Indeed, in the contemporary times, keeping cash is neither safe nor a smart choice to make. Who knows when you end up consuming more than your budget or someone just steals away your cash? Anyhow, what if I tell you that you can safely hoard and spend your money simply via a smart card? Keep reading this article to take account of the easiest means to keep your money safe and easy to spend: Know about PrepaidGiftBalance portal, a tried and trusted source for keeping a track of your gift balance expanse history. 

However, before going ahead to know about Prepaid Gift Balance Portal, you must take account of the significant information about Gift Cards. You must know what is the difference between a typical debit card and a gift card so that you can easily apprehend the usage of PrepaidGiftBalanace account .


What Is a Gift Card? 

A gift card is just like a debit or credit card that is used for the online money transference but as the name implies, it is gifted by a retailer or merchant to its clients. It means that a gift card is a merchant or retailer-specific debit card. Anyhow, there are a few well-renowned credit card companies that provide their clients with gift cards as well. Those gift cards are privileged to be valid for all types of online purchasing. 

Unlike the typical credit or debit cards, a gift card given by a retailer or merchant can be loaded only for once. It means that once you run out of balance, you can not recharge the card. 

If you have been thinking about how does it works then it is just like other online banking experiences or more like using a credit card for online shopping. 


Features of Prepaid Gift Balance Cards 


  • Gift Cards Are Only Valid For Shopping In the United States of America
  • Gift Cards are Only One-time Rechargeable
  • The Card Holder Doesn’t Charge the Credit Himself 
  • Gift Card Issuer Gifts the Prepaid Gift Balance (Amount Varies)
  • The Gift Cards Aren’t Accepted At All Shopping Stores 
  • A Typical Gift Card (without a credit-card company slogan) is Only Valid to Shop from the Retailer that has Gifted it
  • Prepaidgiftbalance of Gift Cards Issued by Any Credit Card Company or Connected with a Paypal Account Are Valid to Shop From Anywhere in the US
  • Gift Cards Can Not be Used After Expiration 



Verily, for US residents with low-credit history, having a gift card is not lesser than an exciting treat. You can use the prepaid gift cards to purchase goods and products within the US territories just as you online shop via credit or debit cards. But it comes in handy, when you are able to keep tabs on its history and user details. For this purpose, all you need is the activation of your prepaidgiftbalance account. 


What is PrepaidGiftBalance?

The prepaidgiftbalance is a tried and trusted source of keeping tabs on your prepaid gift card credit history.  

It is way more like an online portal that connects you with your prepaid gift card’s company server and allows you to track down your card details such as remaining balance and transaction history. 

By all means, an online portal like prepaid gift balance to access your gift card details is way more than an exciting treat. 

Every prepaid gift card comes up with a unique pin code encryption that is impossible to bypass. Moreover, if your card is misplaced or stolen then just contact the customer care server to disable it right away. 

Indeed, the best about these cards is that these are quite safe and secure to be used. These smart credit cards completely reduce the risk of online scamming as well as chances of in-person stealing. Just as in case, you end up losing your card, you can immediately have it blocked. 

To get all these privileges, you are required to create an account. Keep reading to know how you can create an account and get a prepaid gift balance card.


PrepaidGiftBalance Account Creation

Follow the below-mentioned steps to activate your prepaid gift balance account:

  • Visit
  • Tap on the new user section
  • Register or sign up using your account number printed on the card (along with the CVV number)

Once you finish the registration, you’ll be able to access the online portal of your prepaid gift balance account. Via the account portal, you can keep tabs on your current balance including transaction and log in history. 


Features of Prepaidgiftbalance Account

  • It is Accessible Only Within the United States of America
  • Prepaid Gift Balance Account Registration is Free of Cost 
  • You Are Required to Pay $2 to Revive Your Account if You Don’t Use it For 12 Months 

Now, let’s move ahead to discuss the significance of the gift cards issued by a few top-notch credit card companies as mentioned above.


Gift Cards With American Express, Visa, Discover or MasterCard Logos

As compared to debit or credit card balance, a few exceptions do occur in case of prepaid gift card, if you have received a prepaid gift card either with an American Express, Visa, Discover, or MasterCard logo. Such as we mentioned above that if a well-renowned credit card issuer grants you with a prepaid gift card, you will be allowed to spend the prepaidgiftbalance anywhere the typical credit or debit card works: Implying that you won’t be bound to use the gift card to buy goods from one specific retailer

Luckily for those who find gift cards quite useful and handy as compared to typical credit cards that many of the credit card companies are now offering PrepaidGiftBalance in the form of reloadable Gift Cards. 

Now, along with being able to use the prepaid gift balance independent of a one-specific store validity, you can recharge the gift card once its credit goes down. 

While keep going to know more about the gift cards, we would like to apprise you about using your gift card via Paypal.


Add Gift Card to Your Paypal Wallet

Just like you use your debit cards or credits cards through Paypal, you can now, add up your American Express, Visa, Discover, or MasterCard into your Paypal wallet. By connecting your gift card with the Paypal account, you’ll be able to cover your expenses using the prepaid gift balance but via the Paypal server. 

In case, you don’t have a Paypal account yet, you can use your home or shipping address as the billing address. The rest is the same and simple as connecting a typical credit card with your Paypal account.



We would like to conclude this discussion by asserting that Gift Cards are way more reliable and compelling to be used instead of credit cards. However, the reliability and credibility of prepaid gift balance cards can only be marked on the basis of individual experiences. Unless you are an American resident, you can easily enjoy online shopping using the prepaid gift cards and keep tabs on your transaction history by connecting with Prepaidgiftbalance portal. 




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