Outer Banks is a teen drama which was premiered on Netflix this year. The story of this adventurous drama depicts the quest of a teenage group who are determined to solve a mystery.

So, the Season 1 of this thriller drama was released on 15 April this year. And because of the cliffhanging plot, Outer Banks has garnered a lot of positive reviews from the critics, and day by day its viewership is expanding.

Now many speculations are surfacing about the future of Outer Banks on the internet these days. Here is everything you need to know about the Outer Banks upcoming season.

Has Netflix Cancelled The Show For Future Seasons?

‘Outer Banks Season 2’ Cancelled At Netflix? Or Renewed?
‘Outer Banks Season 2’ Cancelled At Netflix? Or Renewed?

This is the most obvious question which the fans of Outer Banks are asking right now. And they need an answer. It has been almost a month after the release of Season 1 of Outer Banks and no official updates have come regarding the renewal of this mysterious drama for Season 2. So the fear of fans about the cancellation of Outer Banks for future seasons is justifiable but it is too early to assume that outcome.

Outer Banks Going To Renewed For Season 2?

Netflix has renewed the debut web series after watching the viewership of Season 1 on many occasions. So, it is expected that they may renew this adventurous drama after some time when its viewership would reach a certain number.

So if you have not watched this drama yet, go and watch Season 1 of Outer Banks because every view counts.


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