Virtual meetings were quite common even before the Covid-19 pandemic. Instructors can also have virtual meetings with students to guide them on tips the proper application of tips obtained from the online dissertation writing site besides other learning needs. 

The pandemic has made virtual meetings a norm, with many people spending billions of minutes on virtual meetings. Virtual meetings are effective in enhancing productivity and partnership. Here are guidelines to ensure everyone follows the online meeting decorum.

Get ready for Virtual Meetings

It is essential to treat virtual meetings like one-on-one meetings. It is rude to waste a host’s time by not taking the meeting seriously.

Prior preparation for the virtual meeting keeps the meeting productive, and this is one of the essential decorum guides. Here are tips for both the host and attendees to help keep the meeting engaging and productive.

Preparation Guidelines for the Host- Have a program

Online Meeting Decorum Guide for the Attendees and the Host
Online Meeting Decorum Guide

A program is similar to a map to a road tour, according to Abby Miller. She goes on to say that a map makes planning more natural and also avoids getting lost.

Coming up with a well-planned program before the meeting and sending it to the invitees makes the meeting seamless and more productive. Here are six components of a proper program

  • A program header shows the date, location, purpose, time, and the name of the host.
  • Assign responsibilities to the invitees 
  • Indicate the main objective of the meeting
  • Give a clear work plan on what to cover in the meeting
  • Allocate time for each topic in the program
  • Make a follow-up with the attendees 
  • Preparation Guidelines for the Attendees 

As an attendee, going through the program beforehand shows seriousness and preparedness for the meeting. It makes sure that you attend the meeting at the right time and raising with the rightful questions and concerns.

If you’re well vast with the topic, you can offer to share new data. Participation helps you grow your skills and shows your seriousness in the meeting.

  • Preparation Guidelines for Everybody

The following tips are for both the attendees and the host of the virtual meeting.

  • Choose a quiet area for your meeting, where there is no distraction.
  • A neutral wall background is the best choice; it makes sure the other participants are not distracted. Some virtual meeting tools have backgrounds to choose from that are virtual.
  • Choose a room with good lighting
  • A laptop is better than a mobile phone because it frees your hands for notes taking. Also, invest in the right quality earpieces for an audio meeting. It is also crucial to make sure your camera is at eye level.
  • Double-check your internet connections, speaker, and camera quality before the meeting.
  • Learn new hacks about the online meeting tool things like host controls.
Online Meeting Decorum Guide for the Attendees and the Host
Online Meeting Decorum Guide for the Attendees and the Host
  • Make the Virtual meeting Productive and Realistic

One-on-one meetings are more exciting, and even a bit more serious. Creating the same environment with the virtual meeting makes it feel more real.

  • Dress Suitably

While attending a video call meeting, it is vital to dress as though you were attending a one-on-one conference.

  • Start the meeting right

As a host, it is vital to give the attendees time to introduce themselves and their roles in the meeting. It is also critical to remind the attendees of the main objective of the virtual meeting.

  • Be Respectful

Treat virtual meetings as professionally as a one-on-one meeting. Turn off notifications and address the attendees formally. Avoid movement, and also use as little time as possible.

  • Engage Everyone

You can engage every attendee by tasking them with different things like minutes, handling certain topics, or ask them questions. Also, leave a few minutes for people to socialize after the meeting.

  • Make follow-ups

Minutes are very vital in any meeting. Assigning the task to one of the attendees makes sure that everything noted as you also take down some notes. Also, push any unanswered questions to the next meeting.


Virtual meetings require as much seriousness as an in-person meeting. It is vital to treat it professionally by dressing appropriately and respecting each other in terms of time and not allowing distractions while in the middle of the meeting. Remember to keep everyone engaged and the meeting productive.

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