Justin Savoie aged 24 years pleaded guilty for multiple charges on Last Friday. The Louisiana man hid a loaded gun in a very unexpected place.

Justin was arrested on 28th December 2019 after founding some suspicious activity in his home.

After investigation police found a handgun, drugs, and marijuana in his apartment. After searching his truck, they received multiple firearms.

The Investigation Details

After almost nine months police did a strip charge and what they found, they could not able to believe. A .25 calibre with 4.3 inches long pistol was found in his buttocks.

District court has sentenced Justin for five years suspended prison. He has to serve 90 days in jail and received three years’ probation. According to the court rules, he cannot possess any gun, cannot visit any lounge or party, he is barred from using alcohol or drugs.

Case till Now

Since Police will be further going to do investigation on Justin. He was having multiple firearms in his truck which were non-licensed.

As of now, police is uncertain and trying to figure out whether Justin stole all or someone supplied him with drugs and a pistol so the court decided to put him in probation period.

For now, he will be under surveillance to find out if Justin gets desperate and contact anyone police will be able to crack the case for further details.

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