• The man carried out robberies at two locations.
  • The man also charged for criminal sexual assault.
  • Can be subjected to a hundred years of prison.
  • Police have taken the man into custody.

Inside Story:

The Mississippi man, aged 26 carried out two robberies at two different places in Springfield. The man’s name is Tyberious Lipsey. Both the robberies took place at gas stations.

The first crime took place at around 10:35 pm on Wednesday. It was at 3100 Wabash Avenue. During this first crime at Thorntons, the victim gave a statement that a man put out a gun on him and asked for money before stealing the car.

Inside the stolen car was a seventeen-year-old girl who was the sister of the victim. She was asleep. The robber seems to have touched the young girl wrongly which makes him a criminal sexual assaulter.

On location number two (Circle K) of the crime, the man robbed three ladies who were also robbed with a gun pulled on them. This happened at 2700 Stevenson Drive. He also took a link card and cellular phone.

The police encountered him after his second robbery. They found the robbed vehicle. Police were however successful in taking the suspect under custody.


Tiberius Lipsey is from Brandon, Mississippi. He has been accounted for a number of crimes. The attorney of Sangamon County State says that he can be subjected to a hundred years of prison, given that ten charges are convicted.


Tiberius Lipsey is subjected to many other charges as follows:

  • Exasperated criminal sexual assault attempt.
  • Three counts of armed robbery.
  • Exasperated carjacking.
  • Exasperated kidnapping.
  • Armed violence.
  • Armed stealing attempt.
  • Criminal damage to government property.

The police department of Springfield confirms that he has made a damage of worth $500, by kicking a hole in the wall.


The dangerous armed robber, Tyberious Lipsey is taken under custody and it is relieving to know that such people are getting punished.

However, it is also unfortunate at the same time that such crimes and criminals are not stopping to create havoc. We can just hope that there is a rise in humanity which is highly lacking in society.

The police department is working on finding such criminals and punishing them. We can just hope for the best.

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