Dead To Me is a unique drama that depicts the story of a friendship of two women, both of them grieving a loss. Season 2 of this dark comedy-drama has premiered on Netflix this week.

It is expected that like Season 1, this installment of Dead To Me would also get huge success and applause from the viewers as well as critics. The popularity of this comedy-drama can be imagined by the fact that even not a week has passed since the release of Season 2 and fans have started speculating about the Season 3 of Dead To Me.

Here is everything about the future of Dead To Me which you should know about.

Is Steve Wood Still Alive?

In the final episode of Season 1, we saw that Steve is lying dead and both the main characters of the drama, Jen and Judy, are wondering about the future course of action by standing beside the dead body of Steve. But in Season 2 of Dead To Me, there happened a major plot twist.

‘Dead To Me : Season 3’ Steve Alive Or Dead? Has Netflix Renewed The Show
‘Dead To Me : Season 3’ Steve Alive Or Dead? Has Netflix Renewed The Show


Steve has been shown alive in Season 1 or as it seems at first. Not only the viewers but Jen and Judy also thought so. But that person looking like Steve Wood in Season 2 is not him but a twin brother of his. So, yes Steve is dead and whom we have seen in Season 2 is his brother.

Has Netflix Renewed The Show For Season 3?

So far there is no official update about the renewal of Dead To Me for Season 3. But it is likely to be renewed for another season very soon because of its popularity and huge viewership. It is expected that if the drama would be renewed for Season 3, it would come out next year.


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