Directed by Jon M. Chu, Crazy Rich Asians is a movie of the year 2018. The film is a blend of romance and comedy. The movie is a modern adaptation of a similar name, published in the year 2013, and was written by Kevin Kwan. The film is an interesting one and has a loyal fan base.

Crazy Rich Asians Plot

The movie follows a Chinese-American professor who goes to meet her boyfriend’s family and finds that they are among the wealthiest ones in Singapore. Peter Chiarelli and Adele Lim have penned the screenplay down. Nina Jacobson, Brad Simpson, and John Penotti are the producers of the movie.

After the release of this movie, fans are now waiting for the second installment of the film. Warner Bros. Pictures distributed this much-adored movie.

Crazy Rich Asians 2

The movie has been a super hit one and has received multiple awards, including 76th Golden Globe Awards nominations and 25th Screen Actors Guild Awards. Let us know if a sequel to the movie is coming or not.

Crazy Rich Asians: If The Second Part Happening?

Everybody is waiting for the sequel of their favorite Crazy Rich Asians. Here is a piece of good news for the fans, after a huge success of the original film and many demands by the fans for the movie’s sequel, two planned follow-ups are in development. Therefore yes, the second part is happening, and not only the second but the third chapter is also in works.

The two pieces are being adapted from the books China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems. Therefore it will be a trilogy series.

Why Is Crazy Rich Asians 2 Taking Time?

Everyone is thinking that it has been two years now and why the movie’s second installment taking time is. According to some reports, the original film writers were coming back to write the script of part 2, but Peter Chiarelli was being offered more money than Adele Lim due to which Lim left the project.

It took a long to search for another writer replacing her.

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