• The man repeatedly abused a young female sexually.
  • He was charged with nine felonies on Tuesday.
  • The man’s wife also charged with sexual assault charges.

Inside Story:

Michael W. Simpson Jr., the 45-year-old man has been in this sexual assault since the last three years. He has been molesting and sexually abusing people for a long time.

At Madison Circuit Court, on Tuesday, Michael W. Simpson Jr. was charged with nine felonies.

The following charges were included:

  • Child molesting for three counts.
  • Performing sexual conduct with a minor present.
  • Two counts of secondary sexual slaking.

The wife of Michael W. Simpson Jr., Tequilla was also charged for sexual crimes on Thursday. She was charged for seven related counts which include 3 charges against molestation. The Simpson family has already been declared as sexual offenders.


Michael W. Simpson Jr. was incarcerated for 545 days. After this incarceration, he was further subjected to prohibition. He had lately been released from this case.

He was also convicted for a level 5 felony which is subjected to six years in prison. He was sentenced for sexual misconduct with a minor in 2019.

His wife Tequilla was also convicted for similar charges last September. Her charged sentence was similar to that of her husband. She was at Rockville Correctional Facility when more charges were added to her conviction.


The molesting charges against Simpsons are as follows:

  • Level 1 felony is subjected to forty years of prison.
  • Level 4 felony is subjected to twelve years of the sentence. (they have four of such)
  • $35,000 cash bond at Madison County jail.

The Simpsons will be punished for their crimes according to their conviction and charges.


It is very unfortunate and disheartening to know that such heathens exist. Men doing sexual assault and misconduct is against humanity. They don’t even spare small children.

People talk about men doing such crimes, but looking at such women is so unfortunate. Looking at such cases we need to pray to god to give them some sense of humanity.

If you want to know more about what’s happening around stay tuned.

We will be back with more crimes and more news updates. Meanwhile, we can pray for crimes to reduce. Stay safe!


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