Ian McKellen plans to play Hamlet - at the age of 81

Ian McKellen plans to play Hamlet – at the age of 81

McKellen, who first played the confused young Dane 50 years ago, revealed the news about him website.
“I feel lucky to be working again, thanks to Bill Kenwright’s inspiring optimism and Sean Mathias’ invitation to revisit Hamlet, 50 years before my first step. So, now we’ll meet. We don’t know when, but you know where – – Royal Windsor Theater! ”the actor wrote above Twitter on Friday.
One of Britain’s most famous stage actors, McKellen has also stunned in blockbuster films, from the “The Lord of the Rings“movies at the”X-Men“franchise.
“Hamlet” is a five-act tragedy written by William Shakespeare some time between 1599 and 1601, and remains one of Shakespeare’s most celebrated plays.
As the “blind genre” casting becomes more widespread in theater – in 2012, London’s Donmar Warehouse staged an all-female version of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar,” while Glenda Jackson played as King Lear last year – The “blind age” casting is less common, and the title role of Hamlet is usually played by much younger actors.

Unabridged, the theater itself is physically demanding and requires a lot of time for actors and audiences – Kenneth Branagh’s film of the full-text version runs more than four hours.

According to a statement from the Royal Windsor Theater, trials for “Hamlet” will resume on June 29, but it is not certain when and how the theater will be able to open its doors.

Closing months destined to curb the spread of coronavirus have hit the world-famous art industry in the UK, with important venues including Shakespeare’s Globe Theater insolvency notice and closure.

Although some entertainment venues in England may begin to reopen on July 4, some theaters plan to stay closed for longer due to continued concern over the proximity of patrons.

In a statement released online Friday, the Royal Windsor Theater said it would release more information on performance data and tickets once it had received government guidance on how it could be reopened safely.

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