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Google Ultra Pixel News Was Fake

Google Ultra Pixel News Was Fake

There Is No Ultra Pixel!

An as of late spilled arrangement of pictures and video that show looks of what was apparently the “Ultra Pixel”, guaranteeing that there will be in reality three-pixel gadgets, the Pixel, the Pixel XL and the Ultra Pixel to contend with the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X.

In any case, the break has now been put to rest by the creator who outlined the idea and made the rendered video. Youtuber BRECCIA who was the “leaker” of the “Ultra Pixel” has quite recently put out a video on how the world trusted his idea and was likewise glad that enormous global Youtubers were thinking about his plans to be genuine.

Famous leakers @evleaks and @Onleaks had prevented the likelihood of securing the “Ultra Pixel” and toward its finish all, this wound up being a major troll notwithstanding the present online reporting which has turned out to be more standard than most would anticipate.

Likewise, “ Ultrapixel” is an HTC trademark, and despite the fact that Google has an Ongoing manage HTC, that won’t be concluded for a long time, and Google won’t have the capacity to utilize HTC’s trademark.

Source: Breccia

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