Xbox One X and Xbox One S

Xbox One X and Xbox One S: What’s the difference?

You may have heard that Microsoft reported the world’s most effective computer game reassure at E3 this previous end of the week. There was a considerable measure of trendy expressions and language tossed around, however, there’s no denying that the new “Xbox One X” is a flat out powerhouse. In any case, on the off chance that you do even a tad bit of research you’ll see that a great deal of what it cases to do, the Xbox One S does as well—and for about $200 less.

Xbox One S 

The overhauled and thinned down variant of the first Xbox One, the One S was discharged in August of a year ago. Its enhancements were generally physical—a 40% decrease in a measure, actually. It likewise shed about a pound-and-a-half in weight and dumped the massive outside power block, and included a 4K Blu-beam good drive.

On the computerized front, the One S picked up HDR and 4K playback bolster, yet with a little catch: recordings play in local 4K, however, amusements are upscaled. That implies your amusements will look better contrasted with the first Xbox One, yet they aren’t really playing in local 4K. In case you’re intrigued, here’s the logical breakdown on upscaling.

Tech Specs

• 1.75GHz 8-center AMD custom “Panther” CPU

• Integrated AMD illustrations timed at 914MHz

• 8GB DDR3

• 4K Support – Yes (video playback as it were)

• HDR Support – Yes

• Price – $299.99

Xbox One X 

While the One S was a minor move up to execution and power, the One X is an entirely another story. “The world’s most effective comfort” may be a showcasing effort, yet it’s not false. The One X includes some meaty specs that Microsoft guarantees will make for really amazing visuals through better surfaces, smoother framerates, and quicker load times. Simply investigate this gameplay film from

Forza Motorsport 7 or Anthem to get a feeling of what diversions will resemble on the One X.

The One X additionally underpins HDR and 4K, however, while the One S upscaled your amusements, the One X will play them at a local 4K determination. To be clear, however, not all recreations will send with local 4K. At the present time, there are a little more than 30 amusements that’ll get free 4K refreshes as a piece of the Xbox One X Enhance program.

Tech Specs

• 2.3GHz 8-center AMD custom “Puma” CPU

• Integrated AMD designs with 6 teraflops of execution

• 12GB GDDR5

• 4K Support – Yes

• HDR Support – Yes

• Price – $499.99

On the off chance that you have a unique Xbox One and invest enough energy playing amusements or utilizing your Xbox as a media focus, the move up to the One X may be a less demanding pill to swallow. It is, all things considered, the most capable support available right now; on the off chance that you request the best, well, here it is.