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Facebook’s personal assistant ( M)

Facebook’s  personal assistant ( M)


Facebook introduced there personal assistant called M . The AI give  suggestion on your ongoing chat.Now it is only available in US. But soon coming in Other country’s.The M works like a google assistant.User can get suggestion and can ask question from The M

Facebook M

M uses its algorithm to understand what’s going in the chat and give suggestion by understanding the conversation .Like if your friends type let’s book a ride and then M automatically give you a message in the chat About the ride and you can directly book the ride from there.

The M also give sticker suggestion which you want to use in your everyday conversation .

So when you type happy birthday,good morning The M give you the sticker instead of sending a text you can directly send a sticker related to your work.
The M also get to know if someone is asking about their money You can also send money directly with the help of M like  If someone asks you please give me a $10 dollar i just need it The M  immediately appear on your chat with a send the money option. Cool right!! ^_^  
IT also give you the information about the nearby places restaurants  and much more. if you type let,s go to burger king it will give you the location of nearby burger king.And you can directly set your Route From there. 

Facebook  M

M can start a poll in a group chat if the participants having  any difficulty on agreeing upon something.
The suggestions feature is just one element of AI-enabled tools like M. These assistants work by creating a virtual image of users based on their searches, chats to provide accurate answers and suggestions.

M will be enabled by default on Messenger app. if users are not comfortable with the assistant all the time, they can also disable it in the settings.